International events



The Permanent Electoral Authority pays special attention to collaborating with its counterpart institutions, as well as the representatives of the civil society and the international organizations active in the electoral field. The exchange of experiences, the mutual transfer of knowledge, the sharing of lessons learned from the organization of electoral processes, as well as the objective evaluation of the conduct of elections are some of the main pillars of the institution’s activity in the field of international cooperation.

Thus, the Permanent Electoral Authority organizes international conferences, round tables, seminars, workshops and meetings in bilateral and multilateral format. Furthermore, in order to provide electoral assistance and exchange of good practices, the experts of the Permanent Electoral Authority also participate in international events organized by partner electoral management bodies or international organizations.

Moreover, in order to ensure the transparent and fair nature of the elections, the Permanent Electoral Authority organizes electoral observation programs on the occasion of each electoral process held in Romania and participates, at the invitation of other electoral management bodies, in international election observation missions.