Electoral Expert review

Electoral Expert review

Romanian Journal of Electoral Studies, Vol. VI, no 1, 2018


Romanian Journal of Electoral Studies, Vol. VI, no 1, 2018:

Summary: Daniel BARBU – Between Law and Market. Further Notes on the Crisis of Representation; Cesare PINELLI – The Various Aspects of the Principle of the Equality and Their Implications in the Electoral Field; Pierre GARRONE – The Equal Suffrage in the Case-Law of the European Constitutional Courts: Convergences and Divergences; Oliver KASK – Equal Voting Power and Allocation of Seats to Constituencies; Robert KRIMMER, David DUENAS-CID, Iulia KRIVONOSOVA, Priit VINKEL, Arne KOITMAE – Challenges to Voting Processes Reengineering: Equal Treatment of Multiple Channels in Legally Binding Elections; Aurelian GIUGĂL – Space and Voting Patterns. An Electoral Geography of the 2016 Romanian Parliamentary Elections; Roberta-Manuela OGARU – Imperative Mandate for the Local Representatives in Romania: the CCR’s Erroneous Argumentations and the Political Effects Unfavourable to Democratic Consolidation; Kåre VOLLAN – Equal Suffrage, Venice Commission Opinions and Election Observation; Alexandru RADU – Parliamentary Elections of 1919. A Peculiar Electoral System; Octavian Mircea CHESARU – Election Observation Guidelines as Vehicles for Change and Enhancement of Women and National Minorities’ Participation in Romanian Politics; Chandra Bhushan KUMAR – Universal Adult Franchise and Election Commission of India: Making of Electoral Democracy; Tudorel TOADER, Marieta SAFTA – Voter’s Lists, Element of the Strengthening of the Voting Right; Bogdan ȘTEFANACHI – European Elections and Democratic Deficit; Ana MIKELADZE – Increasing Credibility Towards Election Administration of Georgia through
Reducing the Time for Announcing Preliminary Election Results.

A aparut numarul 3(16)/2017 al revistei “EXPERT ELECTORAL”


Revista ”Expert Electoral” nr. 3(16)/2017:

Din cuprinsul acestui număr: Daniel Constantin BARBU – Alegerile ca ieroglife politice. Note despre criza reprezentării; Robert KRIMMER, Dirk-Hinnerk FISCHER – Mirabilis-ul votului electronic: Un cadru conceptual pentru analiza TIC în alegeri; Paola COSTABELLA, Sandra MINVIELLE – Renumărarea provizorie a voturilor în Argentina; Juan Pablo POZO BAHAMONDE – Tehnologia ca instrument al transparenței în ceea ce privește integritatea electorală: cazul Ecuadorului 2017; Deki PEMA – Utilizarea tehnologiei în procesele electorale din Regatul Bhutan; Achal Kumar JOTI – Comisia Electorală din India: utilizarea tehnologiei pentru creșterea participării, transparenței, eficienței și credibilității în alegeri; João Manuel Rosa de ALMEIDA – Pe muchie: tehnologii utilizate în numărarea voturilor și în procesele electorale din Portugalia; A-WEB şi AEP au adus la Bucureşti elita mondială a managementului electoral

Issue no.15/2017 of the ELECTORAL EXPERT Review


Issue no.15/2017 of the ELECTORAL EXPERT Review:

Content: Carlos NAVARRO FIERRO – Voting from Abroad – A Comparative Perspective on Latin America; Paul DeGREGORIO – Through Crisis, South Korea Strengthens Its Democracy and Demonstrates Competence; Toby S. JAMES, Leontine LOEBER, Holly Ann GARNETT, Carolien VAN HAM – Improving Electoral Management: The Organizational Determinant Factors of Electoral Integrity – A New Research Project; Zoltán POZSÁR-SZENTMIKLÓSY – Media Access for Political Parties as a Safeguard for Free Elections. Hungarian Experiences. European Context; Rustin-Petru CIASC – The Plebiscite – A Form of Democracy through Citizens’ Participation; The Department for Coordinating Territorial Offices and the Relation with Local Authorities – Partial Local Elections – June 11, 2017; Cosmin PINTEA – Anticipated Presidential Elections in South Korea, a Cautious Technical Approach; The Direction of Communications and External Affairs – The Third General Assembly of the Association of World Election Bodies and The International Conference on Counting the Ballots and Accounting for the Votes: The Use of Technology for Enhancing the Transparency of the Electoral Processes (August 31 – September 2, 2017 – Palace of Parliament, Bucharest)

Special edition of the ELECTORAL EXPERT Review


Special edition of the ELECTORAL EXPERT Review. Content: Ana Maria PĂTRU, President of the Permanent Electoral Authority – Foreword; Pierre GARRONE – Head of the Division of Elections and Political Parties, Venice Commission – Opening session; Csaba Tiberiu KOVACS– Secretary General of the Permanent Electoral Authority – Opening session; Ardita DRIZA MAURER – New Technologies: Inescapable but Challenging; Robert KRIMMER – Constitutional Constraints for the Use of Information and Communications Technology in Elections; Ştefan DEACONU – Stability and Predictability of Electoral Law, Necessary Conditions for Fair Elections; Cristian PÎRVULESCU, Arpad TODOR – Opportunities and Threats due to the Changes of Romanian Electoral Legislation; Tudorel TOADER, Marieta SAFTA – Constitutional Requirements in Electoral Legislation; Uwe SERDÜLT, Michele McARDLE, Thomas MILIC, Jonathan WHEATLEY – New Voting Technologies and Elections in Federal and Regional States in Practice; Gregor WENDA – International Organisations and New Voting Technologies in the Electoral Field; Jordi BARRAT ESTEVE – The Role of the Judiciary in the Oversight of Electronic Aspects of the Voting Process; Septimius PÂRVU – Being on the Right Side of the Tracks: Why the Transparency of Political Funding Should Be the Rule; Sebastian SEEDORF – Electoral Law and New Technologies: Legal Challenges. The Case of Germany: The Road Not Taken; Gregor WENDA – – E-Voting in Austria: A National Case Study; Oliver KASK – National Case Study: The Estonian Case; Elena Simina TĂNĂSESCU, Ramona Delia POPESCU, Bogdan DIMA – TVoting, Technologies and Electoral Rights: The Case of Romania; Augusto Tavares Rosa MARCACINI– National Case Study: The Brazilian Case; Oliver KASK – Conclusions of the 1st Scientific Electoral Experts Debates.

Issue no.13/2016 of the ELECTORAL EXPERT Review


Issue no.13/2016 of the ELECTORAL EXPERT Review. Content: Ana Maria PĂTRU, President of the Permanent Electoral Authority – I Feel Responsible for Each Voter who Doesn’t Vote; Information Campaign for the Romanian Citizens Abroad on Exercising Their Right to Vote in 2016 Parliamentary Elections; Dan VLAICU – Training Electoral Stakeholders – The Need for a Specialized Electoral Experts’ Body: Romania’s Experience; George Tee FORPOH, Olugbemiga Samuel AFOLABI – Trends and Pattern of Voting and Elections in Liberia; Octavian Mircea CHESARU – Innovation Processes Undertaken by the Permanent Electoral Authority of Romania; Denisa MARCU, Alina GHERGHE – Involving Citizens in Election Administration. The Romanian Electoral Experts’ Body; Bogdan FARTUŞNIC – Electoral Processes in Romania – Interest and Perception – Research Report; Nicoleta GRIGORE, Octavian Mircea CHESARU – Training Programme of Computer Operators of the Electoral Bureaus of the Polling Stations in Bucharest Municipality


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Issue no.12/2015 of the ELECTORAL EXPERT Review

Coperta expert electoral 1 Issue no.12/2015 of the ELECTORAL EXPERT Review Content: Lefterije LUZI – Financing and Auditing of Political Parties in Election Campaign and Calendar Year; Samuel Olugbemiga AFOLABI, Kingsley Oladayo OGUNNE – The 2015 General Elections in Nigeria: A Research Note; Liudmila BLINOVA – Elections in Modern Society and Politics: Their Importance and Role. Brief Review of Results, Voting Behavior and Election Outcomes at the Kirovohrad City Mayor’s Race in the 2nd Round of Ukraine Local Elections held on the 15th of November 2015; Daniel DUȚĂ – Uniform Electoral Procedures for the European Elections; Rustin Petru CIASC, Mariana-Gabriela STUPARU – Short considerations on biometric voting on the African continent; Electoral experts body. Conditions and procedure for admission; Computer operators for electoral bureaus of polling stations; Anamaria REVNIC – Internship, an experience offered by the Permanent Electoral Authority; International Workshop on “Codification of Electoral Legislation” organized by the Permanent Electoral Authority in Cooperation with the Venice Commission

Coperta expert electoral Issue no.11/2015 of the ELECTORAL EXPERT Review. Content: Ana Maria PĂTRU, president of Permanent Electoral Authority – Permanent Electoral Authority – Achievements and challenges; Dieter NOHLEN – Institutional architecture, sociocultural context and electoral integrity; Paul DEGREGORIO – Paying it forward: Romania’s young election Authority makes a difference in the world; Deyanira A. GALINDO RODRÍGUEZ, Stephanny Cabral CARRILLO – Mexico’s political system and its democratic transition through electoral reforms. An assessment of the 2015 electoral process; Samuel Olugbemiga AFOLABI, Maryam Omolara OUADRI – Speed without motion: election administration in an emerging democracy – The Case of Nigeria; Miruna Andreea BALOSIN – Lobbying and Romanian party financing; The President of the Permanent Electoral Authority, Ana Maria Pătru, Leader of the Association of World Elections Bodies from 2017; “Electoral Expert” Review, Recognized as a Knowledge-Hub for Electoral Experts.
Coperta expert electoral Issue no.10/2015 of the ELECTORAL EXPERT review. Content: Ana Maria PĂTRU, president of Permanent Electoral Authority- New regulations on the financing of political parties and election campaigns; Irena HADŽIABDIĆ – Evolution electoral law in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The lack of real reform; Lefterije LUZI – Electoral reform and democraticy in Albania; Kreshnik SPAHIU, Dardan BERISHA – Case study: the publication of preliminary results in Kosovo using K-vote system; Kuandyk TURGANKULOV – Modern electoral system of Kazakhstan: training and development; Rustin-Petru CIASC, Mariana-Gabriela STUPARU – Short considerations limit on presidential mandates and continuity in Latin America. Trends election, Workshop BRIDGE ” Training facilitators” organized for electoral experts of the Permanent Electoral Authority.

Coperta expert electoral Issue no.9/2015 of the ELECTORAL EXPERT review. Content: Ana Maria Pătru, president of Permanent Electoral Authority – Toward a real electoral reform, Erika P. SALAS RUEDA – Mexico: a glance on its alternative voting models, François SAINT-PAUL, Ambassador of France to Romania – Voting and representation of French citizens living abroad, Mircea KIVU – White vote – the beginning of a debate. The executive board meeting of the Association of World Election Bodies (A-WEB) hosted by the Permanent Electoral Authority on the 25th of March 2015; International Conference on ”Electoral Integrity and Regional Cooperation” organized by the Permanent Electoral Authority. electoral expert Issue no. 8/2014 of the ELECTORAL EXPERT review. Content: Vira SEREDA – Gender policy in foreign and Ukrainian electoral practice; Lefterije LUZI – History of elections in Albania An evolution of representation, systems and political structure; Septimius PÂRVU – TheElectoral Code should be in the works; Prof. univ. dr. Dragoş CHILEA – Electronic voting, a necessity in the age of digital technology; Pavel CABACENCO – Electoral Code and implementation of the State Register of Voters in the Republic of Moldova; Vlad TOBĂ – Internet voting in the context of the Electoral Code electoral expert Issue no. 7/2014 of the ELECTORAL EXPERT review. Content: ANA MARIA PATRU – Women in elections and public life: The Romanian trend; PIERRE GARRONE – Organisation of elections by an impartial body. The contribution of the Council of Europe; MANUEL CARRILLO POBLANO – Consolidation of Democracy in Latin America. An institutional perspective; IRENA HADŽIABDIĆ – The importance of election management bodies. 12 years of experience and the role of the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Deputy PhD ANDREEA PAUL, ALINA STANCU – „The first aggregate index for Parliamentary Activity: ranking parliamentary groups and lawmakers. The 65 women parliamentarians in the Romanian Parliament are 40% more active than all 509 men”; ALEXANDRA CRISTINA DUMITRIU –TĂTĂRANU – The poor quality of the electoral campaigns and the absenteeism in Romanian National Elections after 2000 expert6 Issue no. 6/2014 of the ELECTORAL EXPERT review. Content: PhD. Cosmin Gabriel Marian, Professor PhD. Ronald F. King – Perceiving the Line: The Relevance of the Left-Right ideological Dimension for Voter Preferences in Romania; Prof. PhD. Vasile Gheţău – A picture of the Romanian electorate in elections for the European Parliament, 25 May 2014. The beginning of the decline of the number of voters; PhD. Silviu-Dan Mateescu – The Impact of European Parliament elections on the National Elections in Romania; PhD. Candidate, Andra Necula – Political Extremism in the European Parliamentary Elections 2014: Revealing People’s Dissatisfaction with National and European Politics?; Permanent Electoral Authority – 25 of May 2014 elections in facts and figures; “Electoral Register” – a successful project to develop the integrated electoral management. EXPERT ELECT_5_coperta 1 Issue no. 5/2014 of the ELECTORAL EXPERT review. Content: Associate Prof. Phd. Oana Baluţă – With more reflexivity about political representation; Cristian Andrei – Women’s participation in elections. Notes from the workshop; Bogdan Fartuşnic – Gender Research Report of political life in Romania – interest, involvement, discrimination; Valentina Bărbăţeanu, Claudia Krupenschi – The role of the Constitutional Court in the electoral process; Associate Prof. PhD. Cristian Pîrvulescu – Political stability, democratic representation and electoral mechanisms; PhD Candidate, Peter Rustin Ciasc – New Moroccan Constitution. Evolution, innovation and fundamental changes in the Islamic world. Issue no.4/2013 The review of the Permanent Electoral Authority Content: Ana Maria Pătru, president of Permanent Electoral Authority: We have to computerized the polling stations (Interview by Camelia Badea, journalist ziare.com); Csaba Tiberiu KOVACS – Political parties and the mass-media – New technologies in the electoral process; Prof. univ. dr. Ioan VIDA – Romanian electoral adventure and the return to the classical electoral systems; Cristian Alexandru LEAHU – Developing electoral integrity action plans; Andrada Maria ALBESCU – Premises of the rate participation decreasing of votes in 28 countries in Europe; Răzvan CINCĂ – Political parties in European Union – level of regulatory and register formalities; Bogdan FARTUȘNIC – Electoral Agenda for 2014. Issue no.3/2013 The review of the Permanent Electoral Authority Content: Ana Maria Pătru, president of Permanent Electoral Authority, was elected the president of Association of European Electoral Officials (ACEEEO); Cristian PÎRVULESCUSearching the electoral Grail; Ştefan DEACONU – Representativeness and democracy at the level of European Union Institutions, through the perspective of future elections for the European Parliament; Rafael LÓPEZ-PINTOR – About the democracy and elections (Interview by Daniel DUŢĂ); Lucia Alina NECULA, Răzvan CINCĂ, Bogdan FARTUŞNIC – Electoral systems in the member countries of European Union; Testing the capacity of the city halls to use the IT application „ Electoral register” and to print the permanent electoral rolls. Issue no.2/2013 The review of the Permanent Electoral Authority Content: Ana Maria PĂTRU – Electoral Management in Romania. Developing and perspectives, Bogdan FARTUŞNIC – Comparative Study regarding the publishing of public opinions polls, Cristian ANDREI – About the effects of the Romanian electoral system, through the perspective of an electoral simulation, Tibor VASZI – European Parliament Elections 2014 – How to make them more European?, Ioan ALEXANDRU – Thoughts about the connection between democracy and law. EE_1_2013 Issue no.1/2013 The review of the Permanent Electoral Authority PEA has published the first number of a research, studies and analyses review on electoral bases. President of the Permanent Electoral Authority, Ms. Ana Maria Pătru highlighted within the opening article “Argument“, the aim of the “Electoral Expert” review: “Through this review we aim to create the discussion framework of the Permanent Electoral Authority projects and an area of analysis and research in the election field. Taking into consideration that the free, fair and regular elections are represented, in the first place, by the experts concerned in the election organization, we kindly invite, in this way, the electoral experts from all levels of society to read this review and contribute to its development”.The main articles of the first number are: “What is representing the electoral register”, “GRECO recommendations on financing political parties”, “The evolution of women’s representation in Romanian Parliament“.

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